CBD & Nicotine Interaction

Can You Mix CBD Oil With Nicotine?

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Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions by those thinking about taking up CBD vaping relates to nicotine.

While it’s true that most people vape as a replacement for tobacco/cigarettes (often using liquids containing far less nicotine), very few CBD e-liquids actually contain any nicotine.

Most companies in this burgeoning market go out of their way to explain this fact in order to appeal to those who are worried that they’re going to become physically addicted to vaping. CBD is not in any way addictive regardless of how it’s taken!

But what if you’re using vape liquids to remove tobacco from your life, yet still want to take CBD?

The obvious solution is to invest in a standalone vaping kit (basic devices available in newsagents for pocket change will do the job) and keep your CBD vaping pen separate from your standard daily vape.

As simple as this solution sounds, what about combining the two? It’s certainly possible but there are a few issues that anyone considering this ought to be aware of…

Mixing CBD With E-Liquid

The first thing to be aware of absolutely essential – CBD oils and CBD e-liquids are entirely different products. Oils are designed to be taken orally or applied to the skin. E-liquids are only for vaping. Do not under any circumstances try to add standard CBD oil to your vape tank!

Why? Simply because oils are not designed to be subjected to heat in a way that’s used to create vapour clouds.

CBD e-liquids and standard nicotine-infused e-liquids both contain natural Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) to ‘carry’ the active ingredient. In different ratios (80/20 PG/VG is perhaps the most common) these simulate smoking by producing vapour clouds and imparting a ‘throat hit’.

CBD oils intended for tincture use do not contain any VG/PG and, therefore, cannot be mixed with any e-liquid. Instead, they use one or a combination of amongst others olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, or MCT to deliver the extract into the body. None of these are good bedfellows for VG/PG and will end up damaging your device and tank. Not to mention the fact it will probably taste disgusting!

You Can Mix CBD E-Liquids With Nicotine Infused E-Liquids

There’s no reason why you cannot mix any e-liquids together. Whether or not it’s a good idea is a different issue, but if you wish to mix CBD into your nicotine-based liquid then in most cases it should be fine.

Be aware to check that they are similar PG/VG ratios. It’s generally a bad idea to combine liquids that are very different and quite a few CBD-infused e-liquids tend to be aimed specifically towards higher cloud producing mixes which use 50%+ VG.

For these to work, you need a device and atomizer capable of sub-ohm vaping. One of the best devices to use for this purpose is the V2 Pro Series 3X. Mixing this kind of liquid with generic vape pens not designed for this purpose will ‘gunk’ up your tank, sometimes irreparably.

However – time for the good news! If you do wish to add CBD e-liquids to your preferred nicotine-based juice and they’re of similar blends, then there’s nothing stopping you from doing so. You will still be getting your nicotine hit and ingesting CBD by probably the most efficient means possible.

Consider ‘Additives’

A relatively recent addition to the UK CBD vaping scene has been a couple of big-name manufacturers releasing ‘additives’ that are designed to be easily applied to your existing nicotine (or nicotine-free) vape juice.

These tend to be relatively strong concentrates so you only need to add an additional few drops to your tank – say 10-20% or so depending on your preferences – and shake them together. Voila – your tasty favourite vape liquid is now packing additional CBD goodness. Excellent examples of CBD vape additives are the Nano Shot and the Sub Ohm Shot – both from a company called CBD Asylum.

Should you check out this simple solution just make sure that it’s an additive appropriate for your style of vaping.

Most – but not all – are geared towards the ‘standard’ off-the-shelf vape liquids while there are more specialist high VG options also available from select manufacturers.

Are There Any Health Issues To Be Aware Of?

About 70% of cannabis users still choose to mix their herb with tobacco. Most research into the effects of nicotine and cannabinoids is centred around this factor, and it’s proven that it causes a different reaction in the brain.

When it comes to CBD however – in products where all but a tiny residual amount of THC remaining after processing (we’re talking hundreds of times below the legal threshold) – there should be no psychological effects whatsoever.

After all, many people supplement with CBD and also smoke/vape anyway without reporting any negative side effects.

There’s consequently no reason why mixing nicotine and CBD together presents any greater risk at all. As with many other aspects of CBD, there remain huge gaps in scientific understanding into precisely what the relationship is between the two compounds. But we’re confident in saying that there’s no reason why the two cannot or should not be combined safely.

Concluding Thoughts

Anyone who currently vapes nicotine based e-liquids should not be worried about mixing it with suitable CBD alternatives.

The only downside is that it may make it more difficult to keep track of your intake/dosage. That is something which is important to consider when you’re trying to establish what kind of intake may benefit you – some people simply need more than others to feel any benefit.

Remember that you simply cannot overdose or get remotely high from these supplements and that any excess will just peacefully pass through the body.

Plenty of people who vape CBD and nicotine do so to supplement a more scheduled dosing routine. For instance, taking 20mg/day as a standard dose and then using their vape mix to help ‘top up’ their levels as and when required.

If that sounds like it may be suitable for you, then do take a look at what additives may offer for easier blending and more precise dosing.