Find The Perfect CBD Dosage

How To Find The Perfect CBD Dose

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One of the most frustrating aspects of taking up a CBD routine is trying to determine what your ‘working dose’ happens to be.

Tempting as it may be to just dive in at a high strength and hope for the best, it is often not the most sensible course of action.

People are simply all designed differently, and there are plenty of variable factors that mean some people need to take more or even less to feel the potential benefits.

The good news is that there are useful rules of thumb that can help speed up the process.

Quality Matters

Perhaps the most common mistake people make when getting started with CBD is by simply choosing a poor quality product.

A good proportion of the cheaper varieties that have flooded the market will be produced using either low-grade hemp or, just as bad, chemical-based extraction methods.

There is a very considerable difference between an organic and natural product compared to a ‘shake and bake’ variety.

Even if the products claim to be the same strength, 9/10 times people will feel the benefits far more when using a top quality extract. Plenty of research suggests that broad or full spectrum oils/liquids deliver superior results – so consider the options first before deciding on a strength.

Tapering On Works Best

Determining which strength to opt for can be a long-winded process. The most common method – and the one which most people will experience success with – involves slowly tapering onto CBD.

While it can be time-consuming, gradually increasing the strength of the product as well as the frequency of dosing makes it much easier to land on that sweet spot.

For example, starting off with taking four doses of a 300mg oil throughout the day. This works out at about 3mg per dose, so 12mg a day. If that is not effective (and you won’t know for several days at least) then up it to a 400mg product, then 500mg and so on until you receive positive effects.

Also, consider using a combination of CBD methods. Vaping provides by far the quickest and most efficient way of ingesting CBD and plenty of people use organic, zero nicotine CBD e-liquids for an additional boost when needed.

One thing to be aware of is that CBD dosing works as a ‘bell-curve’ effect. This means that if you take far more than you need, it can actually diminish in effectiveness. For this reason, starting slow an building up to an effective level of dosing is by far the most sensible option.

You cannot overdose on CBD and anything that your body does not need will just be naturally expelled or benignly stored in the body. But taking too much can be counterproductive – and establishing an ideal dose is going to vary from person to person.

What Influences The Amount Of CBD We Need?

Maintaining a regular dosing routine of a high-quality product is the most important factor when getting started.

It is imperative to understand that everyone is physically different. Even two people of the same size, age and weight may have different bodily chemistry. This is why some people find just a comparatively small quantity of CBD can be entirely effective, where others may require far higher concentrations (or even be naturally immune!).

Consider the following:

  • Your overall health, weight and age.
  • Why you are taking CBD (for example physical pain or emotional imbalance).
  • Your natural tolerance.
  • The quality of the product.
  • Maintaining a disciplined and regular intake.

Experimentation Is Key

Not many people experience much in the way of side effects when starting with CBD. Those who do report unwanted effects tend to find that they either naturally pass or are relatively inconsequential (dry mouth is quite common to start with).

It is paradoxically also relatively normal to feel slightly worse before noticing significant improvements. Often referred to as the ‘Herxheimer effect’ these can feel like a mild dose of the flu or even materialize as skin rashes. If they are persistent, you may need to consider trying an alternative CBD product or reduce the strength and regularity of your dose.

Either way, those who enjoy real success with CBD will be openminded to experimenting and take their time when establishing what level of intake works best for them.