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Use our exclusive discount code for money off your Love CBD order. Guaranteed to work.

Who Are Love CBD?

Love CBD Discount CodesLove CBD is big on the ‘entourage effect’ – and quite rightly so.

Their range of oils, balms, and e-liquids can be broadly split between ‘Entourage’ and ‘Dutch’. It is an interesting distinction and one we’ll make clear right away.

The Entourage includes all the additional cannabinoids and other goodies that are often near entirely lost in the production of a ‘pure’ isolate.

On the other hand, their Dutch range is CBD delivered via organic olive oil. Both are produced from the best EU cannabis farms going, entirely natural and extracted via eco-friendly CO2 processing.

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So where ought you spend your Love CBD discount code?

That’s simply a matter of personal choice! Personally speaking, we’re big fans of the entourage effect. For those not in the know, this isn’t a crafty marketing trick – it has been used within medical marijuana research for decades and refers to how a more complete extract may deliver a superior effect.

Love CBD Coupons 2018On the flip side, it will also retain a little more THC – but still way below the UK legal limit for sale or drug testing purposes.

That’s not to say the Dutch should be discounted. They have a great range of options here, and few would argue that the oil is easier to take taste-wise (Entourage does have a particularly earthy tasty to it). But at the end of the day, some people simply want as isolated a CBD product as possible and you’ll find few better options available to you than here.

Love CBD have a loyal following for both lines, especially with capsule users. Plenty of people take their CBD just as they may with any other oral health supplement. Some leave it at that for the day, others might ‘top up’ using supplementary products.

If you fit either of those descriptions, do give some thought to checking out the savings made by using one of our exclusive Love CBD discount codes. It really can add up over time, and of course, there’s nothing stopping you using them at the top of this page.

Extracts of this class really do demand some serious attention.