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One of the issues people may encounter when starting with a CBD routine is dosage. CBD shots are intended to deliver a precise amount of extract every time, and usually to a high concentration that is also ‘full spectrum’. This is not just a ‘pure’ CBD extract but also inclusive of all the other healthy – and non-psychoactive – cannabinoids thought to enhance potency and specifically reduce muscular inflammation.

Naturally, this makes it a very popular choice with athletes of all level to assist with post-exercise recovery. Thanks to containing next to no THC there’s zero chance of failing a drugs test. A growing number of professional sportspeople are starting to swear by it.

Application is easy. You can spray it directly into your mouth, or more commonly add a dose to your standard post-workout drink be they water, isotonic or shake based. It can even be added to food! Plenty of major companies in this field are performing their own research into the advantage CBD may offer in this context. Of course, the advantage of using CBD shots is that you’re your own boss, and dose as you see fit.