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Vaping CBD is an increasingly popular dosing method and one that certainly offers advantages over traditional sublingual (oral) techniques. By inhaling CBD vape oils, it passes immediately into the bloodstream with very little wastage.

Those who take capsules and to an extent oil drops will inevitably have some loss of efficacy due to having to pass the digestive and filtering system.

Obviously with vaping that’s not a problem, and you will receive exactly the dose required. The only drawback is that because it hits the bloodstream so swiftly, it also lasts a little less time in the system. So vapers will likely dose several times a day instead of 2/3 times most sublingual users require.

There’s an increasing variety of CBD vape oils and e-liquids on the market including high strength and full spectrum. Almost all of these are nicotine-free and use only extract alongside natural ingredients.¬†Likewise, only a few companies offer flavoured or specialist sub-ohm (high cloud density) options.