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Multi-Purpose & Dedicated Kits For Dry Herb Vaping

Dry herb vaporizers have been popular in the US for years but have only recently become available for sale in the UK.

These powerful devices tend to be able to accommodate a variety of different vaping styles thanks to interchangeable tanks. For instance, you could use your vaporizer for CBD e-liquids during the day, and chill out with some dry herb vaping in the evening. This flexibility is a key selling point and one really worth considering if you’re toying with upgrading your regular vaping options.

Whether you’re looking for a standalone dry herb vaporizer or a multi-role device, check out these options carefully. The incredibly awesome V2 Pro Series 7, for example, is outstanding but you could opt for a device with a slightly lower specification such as the V2 Pro Series 3X at a decent saving without losing much in terms of functionality.

Also consider the accessories available for each device as these can make a significant difference to your vaping experience. Look out for battery life, performance, ease of cleaning and of course portability and stealth.