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Until quite recently there were very few flavoured CBD vape oils on the UK market. For some reason, people tended to accept that to enjoy CBD in this style you just had to put up with the rather ‘dank’ hempy taste!

It took a while for manufacturers to realise that people would rather enjoy the experience, especially when they could use organic/natural extracts that didn’t undermine the overall quality of the active ingredients.

While there are manufacturers out there who offer generally fruity/minty options that users can enjoy just like any normal vape juice (you’ll find the best selection of these below), a growing trend has been towards using ‘additives’.

Additives are concentrated bottles of unflavoured CBD extract that’s been combined with Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) which can be added to any e-liquid of your choice. The Sub Ohm CBD Shot and the Nano Shot from CBD Asylum are great examples of top quality CBD vape additives. Just add a few drops of these in your tank or short-fill, shake it about, and you’re ready for a delicious CBD-infused vape.