Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oils

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Full spectrum CBD vape juice has enjoyed a surge in popularity thanks to a growing body of research that suggests it binds more efficiently within our endocannabinoid system.

Thanks to the additional cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, and minerals these deliver what is termed an ‘entourage effect’, making even lower strength concentrates potentially more beneficial than standard isolates.

These full spectrum extracts are now widely available in e-liquid form, allowing vapers to enjoy all those additional ingredients in exactly the same way as they could with oil tinctures and capsules.

Full spectrum varieties may be best enjoyed when vaped. Vaping is the most efficient way of taking the extract straight into the bloodstream with minimal/zero wastage – which is exactly what we’re looking for when taking this style of CBD.

Whilst they can taste a little ‘hempier’ than usual, full spectrum CBD vape oils are also now available in both flavourless and naturally flavoured varieties.

The following e-juices are highly recommended to those who are looking to enjoy a truly full plant experience in the most effective manner possible: