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Vaping is now widely accepted as offering the most efficient means of absorbing CBD directly into the body. Thanks to bypassing the digestive tract entirely and immediately hitting the bloodstream, it’s fast acting and used by many people to ‘top up’ their doses easily and conveniently over the day.

High strength CBD vape oils tend to be those that are over 1000mg per 10ml bottle. Products exist that are several times higher than this and deliver an almighty amount of extract with each draw. As there’s next to no wastage (what you inhale will hit the bloodstream), there’s a growing trend towards high strength CBD vape liquids being marketed towards ‘cloud chasing’ sub-ohm vapers.

The only drawback on vaping conventional strength (say 300-500mg) oils is that it tends to last about a third shorter than CBD capsules. By taking a higher strength, the CBD will stay in your system for considerably longer than usual.