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The Maximum Possible Strength CBD Oil You Can Buy In The UK

A relatively recent development in the UK CBD scene has been the release of a number of maximum strength CBD oils. These are oils that are designed – and released in very small batches – for a small proportion of the market who need very high levels of supplementation.

Maximum strength is a difficult term to precisely define as the ceiling continues to grow ever higher! A couple of years ago, any oil around 2000mg or so would be considered to fall into this bracket. Nowadays, you can source incredibly pure and powerful options that run between 5000mg and even 10,000mg. Even better, some of these are offering a ‘full plant’ experience rather than just being limited to isolates.

Remember that despite being hundreds of times stronger than standard CBD oils, these products will still easily fall within the UK THC limit (a mere 0.2%). There has never been a case of anyone failing a drugs test or even feeling the slightest bit high when enjoying the potential benefits of maximum strength CBD oil.