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CBD Asylum CBD Infuse Drops 1000mg


Product Ingredients:

  • MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil
  • 1000mg CBD Oil
  • Natural Fruit Extracts

Bottle Size: 30ml

Also available in a higher strength: 2000mg

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Despite e-liquids becoming ever more popular, most people still take their CBD via dropping the oil underneath their tongue. If that is your style, and you need a high strength oil that is designed for emphatic and rapid absorption – you have to check out the CBD Asylum infuse drops.

It is one of the strongest tinctures out there that primarily carry an isolate of CBD with only a trace of residual cannabinoids left over. So if ‘purity’ is your thing, then this is certainly an option well worth considering.

Interestingly, CBD Asylum has opted to use medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) as the carrying agent this time around instead of the more typical organic olive oil.

They have done so because there is also the option of having these drops in a ‘fruity’ flavour which obviously would not work with olive oil.

Plenty of people struggle to get along with the raw taste of CBD oils, so again – if that sounds like something which could be of benefit – check it out!

Whether flavoured or natural, you will be receiving a top quality high strength oil from one of the biggest up and coming companies in the UK.