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CBD Asylum CBD Infuse Drops 5000mg



  • MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil
  • 5000mg CBD Oil
  • Natural Fruit Extracts

Bottle Size: 30ml


If you need a concentrated CBD oil that is among the highest available in the UK right now, then look no further! It shouldn’t need to be said but 5000mg (30ml bottle) is a heck of a solid dose – and places this product firmly into the ‘specialist’ category. But don’t just be blinded by the strength of this extract, as there are plenty of other properties which make this a truly magical example of maximum strength CBD drops.

What you get here is a pure isolate extract – meaning there’s barely a trace of any other cannabinoids retained.

Extracted from only 100% organic hemp that is naturally harvested and processed, the core extract is combined with MCT oil. This is interesting because MCT oil is becoming ever more popular for its potential qualities in helping absorb the CBD into the bloodstream better than standard carrying agents.

Available in either natural or fruity flavours, if high power CBD drops are your thing then this ought to be in your shopping cart today.