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CBD Asylum CBD Oil 1000mg


Product Ingredients:

  • Organic Virgin Hemp Oil
  • 1000mg CBD Oil
  • Full Spectrum Terpenes

Bottle Size: 10ml


CBD Asylum have forged a great reputation for the style and quality of their products, and this 1000mg (10%) tincture is the perfect example why. If you needed a blueprint for what ought to be the core essentials for a top quality, high strength sublingual oil then this is it.

It is a genuinely full spectrum oil that contains masses of terpenes and cannabinoids typically lost when producing CBD isolates.

Such compositions are widely thought to considerably enhance the overall effectiveness of the core extract. In layperson’s terms, they help carry the extract across our own endocannabinoid systems to make sure it hits all the receptors throughout the body.

What also adds even more quality to the 1000mg CBD oil is that they use virgin olive oil as the base. Not only does this help even more with the rapid and complete absorption of the compound into the bloodstream, but it also acts as a highly effective preservative. So even if using this high strength oil occasionally, it will last for decades without losing any purity.