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CBD Asylum CBD Oil 1500mg



  • Organic Virgin Hemp Oil
  • 1500mg CBD Oil
  • Full Spectrum Terpenes

Bottle Size: 10ml

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CBD Asylum is one of the very few top UK CBD manufacturers who also specialise in high strength oils. While these may be too high powered for many people’s needs, there is a considerable proportion out there who simply need this level of product.

Those who fall into this category can do a lot worse than to check out this 1500mg full spectrum tincture. Every dose will provide 15mg of top-class CBD jam-packed with incredibly healthy additional cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, and minerals.

Despite this being a very strong product it is taken just as you would a far more mild oil. All you need to do is squeeze your dose under your tongue, hold for 90 seconds and that’s it done.

Most people take 2/3 drops per time but in all honesty, 99% will not need more than one with this strength of oil. So if you need a high strength oil remember never to compromise on quality either – and you get plenty of both with this product.