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CBD Asylum CBD Oil 250mg



  • Organic Virgin Hemp Oil
  • 250mg CBD Oil
  • Full Spectrum Terpenes

Bottle Size: 10ml

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Should you be looking for a sensible strength to enjoy CBD then you could do far worse than this excellent 250mg oil. Designed to be taken sublingually underneath the tongue (you cannot vape this product), it delivers a sensible dose of really excellent quality concentrate.

CBD Asylum has wisely opted to make this addition to their range as natural as hemp oils can get. Not only is it produced using exclusively organic grade hemp and the cleanest/best extraction methods in the industry, it also includes a wide spectrum of additional terpenes. Plenty of people report far superior results when using this style of product compared to a standard CBD isolate – and this tincture is one of the best going.

Easy to take and stored within a leak-proof 10ml bottle, this tincture is only naturally flavoured to assure you that this is as pure to a quality hemp extract as you’ll find anywhere.