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CBD Asylum CBD Oil 500mg



  • Organic Virgin Hemp Oil
  • 500mg CBD Oil
  • Full Spectrum Terpenes

Bottle Size: 10ml

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Newbies to the CBD game may have heard about how difficult it can be to establish your ideal dose. It varies between people for all kinds of reasons, but if you’re opting to take a steady 500mg dose of top quality CBD extract then this may be perfect for you.

500mg will work for a good proportion of people (no promises though) and this is especially the case when it contains masses of additional full spectrum terpenes.

This offering from CBD Asylum is produced using only the best quality industrial hemp available. Where it differs to the majority of other products out there is that it has been naturally extracted in a way to retain additional cannabinoids. These are often lost when producing an isolate, despite them being widely believed to significantly enhance the qualities of the CBD.

Anyone looking for a good strength, 100% natural and organic tincture will be doing themselves a favour by checking out this outstanding oil.