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CBD Asylum CBD Stik Vape Pen


Product Highlights:

  • Up to 300 puffs
  • Fits easily in your pocket
  • Contains 100mg of ultra-purified CBD
  • Available in 2 flavours: Berry or Menthol
  • Great for a discreet vape on-the-go
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Vaping is without question the most efficient way of taking CBD. Each smooth draw applies the extract straight into the bloodstream, providing next to zero wastage and maximum absorption efficiency.

For those looking to enjoy CBD but not wishing to ‘take up’ vaping in a more general sense, the CBD Asylum Stik Pen offers a very affordable way of doing so.

Containing 100mg of super purified CBD derived from the finest organic hemp plants, the Stik is designed as a disposable unit that offers around 300 puffs worth of extract.

It’s perfect for those who wish to boost their levels quickly at any time and perhaps supplement an oil/capsule based routine.

Compact, lightweight, easy to use, and available in either cool menthol or delicious berry flavours, this is a great way to try out CBD vaping at minimal expense.

As would be expected the Stik is entirely legal and contains zero psychoactive THC, addictive nicotine, or any artificial ingredients.