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CBD Asylum CBD Sub Ohm Shot 500mg


Product Highlights:

  • Contains 500mg of CBD
  • Flavourless
  • Can be mixed with nicotine
  • Add to your shortfill
  • Will not recrystallise

Bottle Size: 10ml

Also available in other strengths: 250mg or 1000mg

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Looking to start vaping quality CBD extracts but not wishing to give up your favourite flavours? The good news is CBD Asylum has come up with the perfect solution!

Their sub-ohm additive is intended to be added to any high VG (vegetable glycerine) liquid without altering the taste whatsoever. It only takes a few drops of this unflavoured extract – also available in ‘pink berry’ and menthol should you wish – to start enjoying all the goodness of CBD without changing your daily go-to vape.

Formulated to prevent any crystallisation and intended to work with any short fill tank, this extract contains all the organic/natural/vegan-friendly qualities found across their range.

It’s specifically aimed towards those who enjoy sub-ohm ‘cloud-chasing’ vaping, a fantastic way of ensuring that the CBD is taken directly into the bloodstream with next to no wastage.

At 500mg/10ml bottle and only a few drops needed to prime your tank with wonderful CBD, this is a fantastic way to casually top up your CBD levels over the course of the day.