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CBD Asylum Fruity CBD Oil 500mg


Product Highlights:

  • 0% THC – Non Psychoactive
  • Tested by 3rd party labs
  • Contains MCT oil
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Bottle Size: 10ml

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Finally and at last we can now enjoy a genuinely tasty fruity CBD oil! Let’s face it, as much as premium manufacturers deserve respect for ensuring the quality of their crop, raw hemp oils can often be quite ‘challenging’ for the palette!

In their quest to help as many people enjoy the many potential benefits of their supplements, CBD Asylum now offer a tangy, sweet and certainly ‘fruity’ 500mg tincture oil that ticks all the boxes.

This entirely natural and organic flavouring in no way compromises the core extract. Derived from some of the best hemp plants found across Europe, this remains a certifiably organic and eco-friendly product that is also entirely vegan-friendly (no gelatin is used in the capsule).

Blended with MCT oil to provide the most efficient mode of absorption into the body, this oil contains 0% THC and is entirely non-psychoactive.

Anyone looking for a top-class CBD oil that is also very pleasant need look no further.