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CBD Asylum Nano Shot



  • Vegetable Glycerin (60%)
  • Propylene Glycol (30%)
  • Nano CBD Solution (10%)

Product Highlights:

  • 320mg CBD
  • Zero THC
  • Add to your favourite shortfill e-liquid


Looking to take up vaping CBD but can’t bear the thought of giving up your favourite e-liquid? CBB Asylum may have just answered your prayers!

Their Nano Shot liquid is designed to be easily added to any vape juice without making any difference to the flavour profile.

Composed of a 60/30 VG/PG ratio alongside 10% of 320mg CBD extract, there is nothing artificial or nasty used anywhere in this product. It is just a simple and effective way of vaping extract entirely under your own terms.

An additional bonus of this product is that it really is top quality CBD. Containing a full spectrum range of terpenes and additional cannabinoids which are widely thought to enhance overall potency, it’s the bee’s knees of premium extracts.

Remember that there is absolutely zero THC in any of the CBD Asylum range, so all you get here is the natural goodness without even a hint of a high.