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CBD Asylum Pro Oil 500mg


Product Highlights:

  • Unflavoured/Unscented
  • 100% Organic
  • Contains MCT oil
  • Multiple ingestion methods

Bottle Size: 50ml

Also available in 2 higher strengths: 1000mg or 2000mg

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CBD Asylum is perhaps the most innovative and forward thinking manufacturer of these supplements in the UK.

Always looking for ways to make their fantastic extracts even easier to absorb, here we have an excellent core extract blended with 4 additional oils to aid the binding process.

MCT, Pomegranate seed, organic hemp seed oil, and virgin avocado oil all play a crucial role in helping our body’s endocannabinoid receptors enjoy the benefits of the supplementary CBD & CBDa compound.

This truly is a world first and quite likely going to be a game changer across the entire industry.

Perhaps the key advantage of the Pro oil is that it has multiple methods of ingestion. You can choose to take it as an oral tincture (the oil is entirely flavourless), rub it into the skin, or even add to food and drinks.

Even better, the CBD Asylum Pro Oil comes in a generous 50ml vial so just a little will stretch a very long way.