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CBDLife Dab Pen


This kit contains:

  • 650mAh magnetic variable voltage battery
  • Magetic wax atomizer with duel quartz rod inside quartz wall
  • Magnetic extra ceramic dish replacement coil
  • Dab tool
  • eGo charger
  • Metal carrying case
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Taking up vaping/dabbing your CBD but have no idea what device to choose? Well, it appears those experts at CBDLife may have just come up with the ultimate all-in-one solution to this question.

Just like you can ‘dab’ concentrates, the principle her is exactly the same – you just use natural CBD isolates and enjoy wherever you choose.

It works just like a typical e-pen, in that you can keep this in your pocket all day and take a refreshing hit of CBD wherever and whenever the fancy takes you. It’s a quality solution and considering how rare it is to find vape pens specifically designed for enjoying CBD, it’s a great addition to the UK scene.

Included within the pack is a good quality 650mAh variable voltage battery, wax dual quartz atomizer, replacement magnetic coil, dab tool, charger, and even a very smart little metallic carry case.

Overall, this is a great option for those both new to vaping CBD or looking for a standalone setup to work besides their daily vape kit.