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Hemptouch CBD Spray Coconut 300mg



  • MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil
  • Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) Extract
  • Natural Coconut Flavour

Bottle Size: 20ml

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Here we have a totally natural and full spectrum CBD oral spray that also contains a 100% natural coconut flavouring!

Measuring in at 300mg allows for around 2mg to be delivered per spray – a decent dose that most people will get along with perfectly well.

It is easy to take and of course much cleaner than drops with no chance of leakage or spillage.

As with all of the Hemptouch variety of products it is crafted from 100% organic hemp sourced from only the best licensed EU farms. It really does set the benchmark of what to look for in any CBD extract – and the use of MCT oil helps make absorption into the bloodstream even better than usual.

As a full spectrum extract your body will also be nourished by dozens of additional healthy cannabinoids, vitamins, and minerals making this a supremely healthy – and delicious – CBD spray.

So if coconuts are your thing and you’re looking for a great way to take your doses, this is an excellent and highly convenient option.