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Hemptouch Hemp Oil 1000mg



  • Olive oil
  • CBD extract (cannabis sativa)

Bottle Size: 10ml

Also available in a lower strength: 500mg

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Should you have found that you need a high dose of hemp oil to feel positive effects, the one thing to look out for is quite simply the quality of the extract.

While a 1000mg isolate may work for some, we’ve found that full spectrum offerings such as this one from Hemptouch tend to be better. It’s a matter of personal requirements of course, but you could do a lot worse than check these guys out.

Using only the finest quality organic EU grown hemp from licensed and regulated farms, you can be confident every time that Hemptouch takes ‘natural’ far more seriously than most.

The oil is totally non-GMO, vegan/kosher friendly, lactose and gluten free, and carries nothing but entirely natural flavours and aromas.

Extracted using only supercritical CO2 processing also means that not a drop of unpleasant chemicals will have ever come close to your top quality hemp oil. So if strong and natural is your thing – this product demands serious attention.