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Love CBD 300mg Dutch Oil Spray


Product Highlights:

  • 300mg of CBD & CBDa
  • 0.16ml of CBD oil per spray
  • 2.4mg of CBD per spray

Bottle Size: 20ml

Also available in two other strengths: 150mg or 500mg

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Mouth sprays have become increasingly popular recently and we can thank Love CBD for leading the way in this convenient trend.

Easy to apply, and guaranteed to hit the bloodstream very quickly, you take a spray like you would with classic sublingual drops. Aim for the underneath of the tongue, dish out a spray or two and hold in place for about 90 seconds. It is extremely convenient and at the 20ml bottles really are ‘pocket-sized’.

Each spray of this quality 300mg Dutch oil spray delivers 2.4mg of CBD and CBDa per press. It dispenses 0.16ml of oil per time, meaning that you ought to be expecting in the region of 120 or so doses per bottle. Given that most people take 3/4 times a day, that works out to around a month’s supply per bottle.

Made from purely Dutch hemp under an organic system that retains plenty of very useful additional cannabinoids, this is a cracking option for those needing an easy to use and balanced CBD product.

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