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Love CBD 800mg Entourage Oil Spray


Product Highlights:

  • 800mg of CBD & CBDa
  • 0.16ml of CBD oil per spray
  • 6.4mg of CBD per spray

Bottle Size: 20ml

Also available in two higher strengths: 1400mg or 2000mg

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Ever heard of the entourage effect? No, it isn’t some crafty marketing trick!

Instead, this term has been used in medical marijuana research for decades and focuses upon how CBD’s effectiveness may be enhanced through a partnership with additional cannabinoids.

Often, these are lost through standard/industrial extraction techniques. Love CBD 800mg Entourage Spray incorporates all of these (with a hint more yet still entirely legal more THC than usual).

This is an entirely natural product that contains the extract and an olive oil delivery base. Why olive oil? It is widely considered the best natural agent for delivering any CBD extract, and also happens to work superbly in sprays. It doesn’t go stale, prevents your extract from losing potency over time, and also happens to help with the taste too!

Anyone looking for a significant dose of top-grade CBD that despite being a spray is taken exactly like traditional drops (under the tongue and hold) should really consider this line.

With 6.4mg of CBD per spray – and really this is outstanding extract – you can be sure that goodness will hit your system right away.

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