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Love CBD Entourage Capsules 1200mg


Product Highlights:

  • Vegetable Capsules – No Gelatin
  • Vegan & Lactose Friendly
  • Contains CBD, CBDA and CBG
  • Large number of terpenes

Capsules per pot: 60
Strength per capsule: 20mg

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The ‘entourage effect’ is a term coined in the early days of research into the potential health benefits of the cannabis plant family. Increasingly supported by modern medical evidence, it describes how a combination of multiple cannabis compounds works better than a ‘pure’ isolate. Also referred to as ‘full-spectrum’, these style of supplements bind better with the body’s endocannabinoid system and reduces the wastage encountered when passing through the digestive system.

Delivering an impressive 20mg (enough for most people to last a day) of top quality CBD/CBDa alongside a host of other essential trace minerals, terpenes, vitamins, and amino acids.

Processed using only the most advanced eco-friendly CO2 methods, the result is as pure a compound as one can get.

Vegan-friendly (no gelatin used in the capsules) and coming in a 60 capsule pot – enough to last most people two months – this is an easy, natural and discreet way of taking one of the finest hemp extracts ever cultivated.

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