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Love CBD Entourage Capsules 600mg


Product Highlights:

  • Vegetable Capsules – No Gelatin
  • Vegan & Lactose Friendly
  • Contains CBD, CBDA and CBG
  • Large number of terpenes

Capsules per pot: 60
Strength per capsule: 10mg

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Quality counts when it comes to enjoying CBD, and more often than not capsules containing the highest standard of extracts will considerably outperform those labelled as being ‘stronger’. It all comes down to how well the compound binds with our body’s own cannabinoid receptors.

In this case, Love CBD have adhered to the principles of the ‘entourage effect’ which explains how extracts that contain additional cannabinoids (minerals, terpenes, vitamins, and amino acids) helps CBD and CBDa bind and absorb much more effectively.

Anecdotally speaking, those who have enjoyed little success with isolates – those that destroy everything besides the CBD – find these to be much more useful.

Formulated using only entirely organic and natural quality hemp, harvested without a drop of chemicals, and processed using clean CO2 extraction techniques, this is a good as anyone can expect.

Entirely vegan-friendly and packed into pots of 60 capsules, these are an essential addition to your morning vitamin routine.

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