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VSAVI CBD Oil 1500mg


Product Highlights:

  • Zero additives
  • 100% organic
  • Laboratory tested
  • CO2 extraction method

Bottle Size: 10ml

Also available in other strengths: 300mg, 500mg or 1000mg

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The VSAVI 1500mg CBD oil is currently the strongest that they have on sale. Sure, there may be even higher concentrated alternatives, but in our opinion, not many people need more than this! Such is especially the case when you have an extract as high quality as that used by these guys.

Believe it or not, quality makes just as much a difference as quantity, and time and time again products which use totally superb, 100% organic growth and extraction methods deliver a far superior result. With VSAVI 1500mg CBD oil not only do you get a very high concentration but also as pure a quality base product as it gets.

As with the rest of their range, they use organic olive oil to carry their base compound which is by far and away the best option going. Used carefully by dropping just under the tongue and holding for around 90 seconds, this properly powerful CBD oil will immediately hit the bloodstream. Anyone who needs a high power product that does exactly what it claims need look no further.