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VSAVI CBD Oil Drops Full Spectrum Raw 1000mg


Bottle Size: 10ml

Also available in a lower strength: 500mg


For people who have established that they require a higher dose of CBD to be beneficial, the VSAVI Full Spectrum Raw 1000mg simply demands attention. 1000mg of CBD is a pretty significant dose anyway, but combined with all those delectable additional cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, and terpenes – just wow!

VSAVI have a well-deserved reputation as one of the most sincere and transparent companies on the UK CBD market.

Not only are they fastidious when it comes to sourcing, harvesting and processing their hemp but they can prove it too. All of their crops and extracts are batch tested – meaning you get what you pay for. In this instance, you have masses of full spectrum additional goodness alongside that whacking great 1000mg of CBD.

Full spectrum extracts are growing in popularity despite some people struggling with the taste. But when taken properly (under the tongue and hold for 90 seconds) this really is the bees-knees when it comes to this style of elite standard oil.

A very impressive addition to the already outstanding VSAVI range.