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VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 100mg


Product Highlights:

  • Organic
  • Pure & natural
  • Natural aromas
  • Gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Natural olive oil base
  • CO2 extraction

Bottle Size: 10ml

Also available in other strengths: 50mg, 300mg or 1000mg

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Vaping is becoming an ever more frequent way of ingesting CBD and there’s a good reason why the VSAVI 100mg is one of their bestsellers.

It is an outstanding extract that originates from the finest quality organic hemp farms in the EU!

Instead of using quick yet frankly rather nasty chemical processing, VSAVI opts for a totally natural approach. They only use CO2 extraction methods (the same as removing caffeine from coffee beans) to ensure that only the good stuff – and plenty of it – is filtered into their oils.

Vaping a 100mg e-liquid will deliver those lovely cannabinoids straight into the bloodstream. Even people who are against vaping admit that in practical ways it is the fastest method with barely any wastage (unlike alternatives which go through the digestive tract).

If you’re going to vape CBD then it’s best to start out with 100mg – a sensible and affordable strength – and work up from there. You’ll find that top quality VSAVI e-liquids are way better than chemical ridden alternatives.