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VSAVI Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil


Bottle Size: 10ml


Of all of the VSAVI range of e-liquids – for what it’s worth and in our estimation – this is the best.

Available in either 100mg or 300mg strengths, the key advantage here is that ‘full spectrum’ includes stacks more cannabinoids that are usually lost through even the best extraction techniques.

Studies suggest that these extra ingredients may be a vital component for helping CBD deliver properly. Sure, there’s a tiny bit more residual THC than usual as well – but it is still way below the legal UK threshold (i.e. you will not get remotely high or come close to failing a drugs test).

As VSAVI never adulterate or employ artificial methods or techniques throughout any of their range, it sure does taste a little more ‘hempy’ than usual. But for those who don’t mind that, the VSAVI full spectrum e-liquids are a fantastic way of enjoying a straight to the system hit of CBD in all its natural glory.